Leo Brodie Producer: Song samples


Leo recorded and mixed this track for singer/songwriter Lisa Craze. Leo also accompanied on piano.

Comment to Lisa on her track:

Leo recorded and mixed two tracks for an album of original songs for acoustic guitar by James Howard. This track is called "Floating".

Leo recorded and mixed Steve Fortin's "Fire In The Rain".


Leo is currently producing, recording and mixing tracks for an upcoming album by powerhouse singer/songwriter Calleaghn Kinnamon. This uplifting song is called "More Spirit More Life". Calleaghn wrote the song, sings and plays guitar. The other instruments were added by me.

Native American flute

Leo recorded and mixed the album "Along The Way" featuring flute solos by Monica Sicard. This track is called Awaken.


"Not a Great Romancer" by Captain Nobody. This is their original song and arrangement. Recorded and mixed by Leo Brodie.


"My Shelter" is a sweet original written and performed by Coy Van Meter. The raw tracks were recorded at The Project Room Recording Studio in Nashville; Leo mixed and added the fiddle and bass accompaniment using virtual instruments.


Leo also produces his own albums. This song is from one of his self-produced albums. Leo wrote, performed, recorded, and mixed this recording.

Electronic remix

Leo flipped a track from one of his favorite albums by Snarky Puppy, using a lot of effects common to the trap/electronica world.

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