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I help singer/songwriters bring their music to life with top-notch professional recordings. I will work with you to provide co-writing, arranging, hiring musicians, tracking, and mixing in my state-of-the-art project studio.

I treat every song as a unique work of art. I focus on uncovering the story within a song and making sure that story is told powerfully. I’m most experienced with melodic forms including rock, pop, jazz rock, swing, blues, country, gospel, etc. I love to incorporate fresh sonic elements wherever a song calls for it.

Working With Me

My goal is to make great tracks that sound the way you want to hear them. I will take you through the process step by step:

  • Songwriting ‒ If you’d like help developing your song, my knowledge of music theory, songwriting experience and keyboard skills can be a great asset to take your song to the next level.
  • Pre-production ‒ Before recording, I’ll meet with you to explore the kind of sound you want to achieve and who your intended audience is. As collaborators in the production process, we will be aiming for the same goals.
  • Arranging ‒ This includes planning the order of the sections within the song for greatest impact, determining what instruments will be used, and in some cases creating a backing track prior to tracking the vocals.
  • Tracking ‒ During recording, I provide a supportive environment where you can relax and focus on delivering your best performance, while I keep an eye on the technical process.
  • Mixing ‒ This is the step where the raw tracks are enhanced and embellished to nail the style and sound you’re looking for. At this point I may add other instruments to contribute to the intended effect. I’ll mix with you present at least some of the time to make sure you’re getting what you want.


I have found that collaborations work best when the artists feel comfortable with the process. That’s why I quote a fixed price up front and stick to it. When we’re in the creative process, I don’t want you to worry about cost or time, or feel you have to compromise your musical vision trying to keep under budget. Making great music is often not a standardized, linear process. Sometimes we don’t know how to get the sound we want without experimenting. I’ll often try adding another instrument, or using a certain effect, only to find that it doesn’t work as well as I expected. I keep trying until we love the result.

Because the journey of exploration brings me joy, and because I’m not interested in producing mediocre tracks, I’m happy to put in the time to get it right and not burden you with run-on costs. In the end, this works best for everyone.

I also keep your cost down by using my personal project studio to record vocals, virtual intruments, and smaller acoustic instruments, as well as mix. I use larger studios when the project requires it, such as when the song calls for an acoustic grand piano and not an emulation.

My current gear.

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Samples of my Work

Hear some of the tracks I’ve recorded/produced.

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