New Eyes

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New Eyes is Leo Brodie's latest gift of ten songs, intended as sweet reminders of the indwelling power of Spirit, wrapped in fun, imaginative and memorable melodies. These richly-varied tracks reflect on the joy of life and the magic of seeing possibilities with new eyes.

Early reviewers praise "New Eyes"

Excellent music for anyone on the path to truth and enlightenment.

-    Eddie Watkins Jr.

All of Leo's music is delightful, but this collection is especially valuable to any New Thought ministry that appreciates yummy, skillful, emotionally satisfying music that also stays true to principle every step of the way. Leo's own vocals are instantly appealing, gentle and warm. His production sense is full of color and texture, but stays right in the pocket of what a New Thought gathering needs. Highlight tracks for me are the slower heart-openers: Living Peace, an incredibly singable yet secretly sophisticated song of affirmation; Spirit in Me, so simple and pretty; and I Forgive I am Free, another really useful simple group affirmation chant that anyone could sing.

-    Erin McGaughan

Leo’s "New Eyes" is a delightful, refreshing album that makes me smile! His songwriting is solid and creative, you can hear his joy of life and God in his vocals. As a fellow producer, I appreciate what he did in the studio to make this album so appealing.

-    Beverly Daugherty

"Angelic" best describes Leo Brodie's infinite voice; after listening to New Eyes, I feel like I have "new ears." I don't know if he intended it, but I heard the spirit of St. Francis coming through many of his songs - from the meditative "Living Peace," "Kindness Becomes Me," and "I Forgive, I am Free," to "That's What I Call God" and the dance-able "Making Something New." Sensations of awe, wonder, gratitude and joy filled me as I played each song - some of which I know I'll replay many many times - and the entirety of the album.

-    Colleen Patrick

Leo's delicate voice is a whisper that echoes what we all hear inside; this set of songs beautifully inspires the listeners to lift themselves to a higher purpose, and see the world with new eyes.

-    Adam Cohen

New Eyes is a real treat for the ears. Every time I listen to it, I feel cheerful. The songs are simple enough to catch on to quickly and meaningful enough to remind me of my continuous connection to Spirit.

-    Ericka O'Cain

Cover notes

All songs written, arranged, performed, sung, engineered and mixed by Leo Brodie, Long Play Bee Music (BMI) except:
New Eyes: produced, arranged, backing vocals, played, and engineered by Eddie Watkins Jr.
That's What I Call God: arranged by Eddie Watkins Jr.
Spirit In Me: cowritten by Becca Palm, Makitrel Publishing (ASCAP)
I Forgive, I Am Free: additional vocal by Cynthia Clay

My gratitude to Eddie Watkins Jr for the encouragment, guidance, and brilliant suggestions; to Becca Palm for co-writing with me; to my family for their patience; to Grayce Clay for her album cover idea; to Karen Drucker for inspiring words when I needed them, and to Center for Spiritual Living Seattle, my spiritual home.

Cover art by Anđela Tucaković
© Anđela Tucaković. Used with permission

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